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Apps that make a difference.

The necessity for an effective and efficient user experience must be balanced with the overall integration of the technology and process.

We are creating applications that meet specific organizational and market needs.

Increasing revenue streams and reducing process friction are key benefits.

Learn more here.

Solutions to control your cash.

The next generation of fintech solutions is not about ‘future-proofing’ your business, but rather remaining flexible to adapt to rapid change.

With years of ‘near-cash’ experience – we are delivering simple solutions that optimize key finance processes such as Accounts Payable and Accounts Receivable and Account Reconciliation.

Find out what cloud-based solutions are available to address your core finance process needs.

Analytics that provide actionable insights.

Data proliferates across your processes, systems, and of course, Excel spreadsheets.

Understanding how to tame this data and access it in meaningful ways can help you make better business decisions.

Our analytics toolset aligns your information needs with your data sources to compile the business intelligence you need on demand.

Deliver Impactful Messaging.

Audiences buy from brands they identify, know, (love), and trust.

Effective Inbound and Outbound content builds trust and awareness.

We develop content that centers on experience, product capabilities, and unique values that your team delivers

Accelerate engagements with a focus on compelling events that matter to your audience

We craft your story for maximum impact.

Heighten Audience Engagement.

Refine or redefine your audience demographic to keep pace with change.

We can help you to identify and inspire targeted emotion & reactions while communicating engaging value propositions.

Amplify your brand awareness across personas and increase digital touch and results.

Publish Creative Works.

Beyond content marketing, bigmedia provides a vehicle to get your work of art out to the public.

Assistance with creation, editing or publishing of written works is part of our chemistry.

Other medium? No worries, we can facilitate different types of art works as well.

Control Transformation Initiatives.

Enterprise-wide transformation is about more than settling on whatever available solution is in the ERP’s direct sale portfolio.

Best-in-breed solutions can provide more comprehensive functionality with less-integration risk than a broad singular ERP installation.

Let us help your team to better understand software obsolescence paths and where your process and technology roadmap could experience a greater ROI.

Delight the Customer, Repetitively.

Customer delight wins. Every. Single. Time.

Deliver the ease of implementation your Customer expects to ensure your solution works as advertised and expected.

Best practice process design helps to minimize adoption risk

We can help your team to realize financial process optimization by leveraging repeatable deployment models while maintaining unique customer service engagements.

Make Change Happen.

Too many projects start out strong with senior leadership support and project management intent.

Then the reality of the project hits…missed milestones, new requirements, scope creep, delays. Change management becomes a reactive task.

Efficient processes and outstanding technological innovation will be most successful when supported by effective proactive communication strategies & training.

Improve the success rate of change within your organization with a comprehensive change leadership plan.

Create a Progressive Culture.

Place the emphasis on doing the right things at the right time.

Consistency matters at all levels of leadership and sales execution. Manage the inevitable and preventable.

Develop high performing leadership teams.

Create transparency in commitments, communications and performance.

Prioritize effective Customer-focused activities and deliverables.